The SWiB Team

The SWiB Team

Under the directive of the Plymouth Barbican Trust (formerly the Plymouth Barbican Association) the archive is managed by a full time qualified Archivist (September 2007-present) and supported by a full time Archive Outreach Assistant (April 2011-present):

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Stacey Dyer, Archive Manager (Archivist) and Colette Hobbs, Archive Outreach Assistant

SWiB actively seeks to provide an accessible means by which the public can engage with images relating to the people, and places of the regions past. At present we have 30 dedicated volunteers who are helping to catalogue, scan and preserve our collections:


Volunteering at SWiB

Our volunteers come from all walks of life and have many interests. Some are interested in local history and belong to local photographic groups and history societies, we also offer opportunities for those with disabilities to develop skills and work-experience not available to them in normal employment.

In accordance with our 'Learning For All' objectives, we offer work-placements to a number of college and university students who are eager to learn about the workings of a digital archive and the value of our collections as a historical resource.

Individual volunteering/work based learning opportunities supported to date 42

Volunteer Feedback Page

Here are some of our volunteer team members at work (permission given to exhibit):

Anne.jpg jim_small.jpg derek_and_maureen.jpg

1) Anne Chamings, 2) Jim Hawkins, 3) Derek Hiscock and Maureen Beardsley

mike_and_christine.jpg John_and_Karol.jpg = John_Colin.jpg

4) Mike Yeats and Christine Davis, 5) John Pawley and Karol Kwiatek, 6) John Tozer (right)

Eileen_Willey_Small.jpg di_small.jpg Emma_Taylor_small.jpg

7) Eileen Willey, 8) Di Lawer, 9) Emma Taylor (work experience AA)

val_scott_small.jpg paul_small.jpg Brenda_small.jpg

10) Val Scott, 11) Paul Thompson, 12) Brenda Buckley

denise_small.JPG simon_small.JPG katy_small.jpg

13) Denise Bailey, 14) Simon Gomery (PCA student) 15) Katy Barber (work experience AA)

lucy_small.jpg julia_small.jpg colette_small.jpg

16) Lucy Hill (work experience AA) 17) Julia Escott 18) Colette Hobbs (Post Grad. AA Student)

bob_small.jpg maryc_small.jpg pauline_small.jpg

19) Bob Cook 20) Mary Clatworthy 21) Pauline Cousins (PCA student)


22) Margaret Thompson

In Memory


Colin Cotton, MBE (left)

Colin Cotton MBE, a much esteemed member of our team, passed away on Tuesday the 16th November 2010. Amongst the numerous other community pursuits he enjoyed in and around the City, Colin has been a dedicated volunteer at SWiB since its beginnings in 2007.

Colin, you will be greatly missed by all your friends at SWiB but never forgotten. In your own words, "Thank you for coming [in] and making it such a success!" x

Being part of the SWiB team does not simply offer office based work; we also enjoy visiting various heritage sites in the city and engaging in other activities outside of the office environment.

SWiB team & SWiB Board of Directors (PBA) Christmas Party, December 2008


SWiB team trip 2009
To celebrate the completion of our HLF project
Royal Naval Base Museum, October 2009
(photo taken by John Tozer)


SWiB team trips 2010
To thank our team of volunteers for their support during the development phase of our HLF Application
1) 2) Camera Obscura, Seymour House, Sept 2010, taken by John Tozer 3) 4) Visit to the Devon Rural Archive, Shilstone, Oct 2010, taken by Simon Gomery

CamObscr1.JPG CamObscr2.jpg DRA1.jpg DRA2.jpg

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