The Louis Little Project

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For this module, Louis worked with SWiB on producing his own photographic collection focusing on images that reflect the social and structural changes occurring in and around Devonport today. Upon searching through our SWiB catalogue database, Louis opted for a selection of images from many different archive collections as inspiration for his work.

Here are some of the images he selected from the SWiB archives:

PD-1-1-1.jpg RW-23-13.jpg PD-1-3-10.jpg

RW-23-40.jpg RW-23-5.jpg

In his own words, here is what Louis had to say about his project:

"The aim this project was to highlight some of the social and structural changes occurring in and around Devonport. I was inspired by many of Roy Westlakes images at SWiB which focused on the damaged caused during the Blitz and the change this provoked in the following years. I couldn’t help but notice that this change is happening again all over Plymouth with a concentration of effort put into Devonport."

Method/s used:

By combining a micro and macro style Louis attempted to portray the area in the process of transformation paying particular attention to the council flats Lynher, Tamar and Tavy. He combined tradition photographic methods by using the Pentax 6X7 film camera and Kodak Portra colour film with the convenience of digital scanning.

Outcomes (collaborative benefits):

As a result of Louis' work, the resulting archive will be deposited with SWiB alongside the collections which inspired him. For Ana, it is hoped he will have developed a better knowledge as to how SWiB works and more generally how an archive operates as well as adding to his own understanding of the technical side of photography. As a long-term consequence of this project, Louis will have created a portfolio of work which will reside at SWiB alongside other notable named photographer collections for continued public access and as a means by which Louis can promote his work.

Feedback received from Louis:

"From working with SWiB I have gained a greater understanding of how the image bank works and look forward to working with them again."

LL - Louis Little Collection

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