The Anya Smith Project

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Anya Smith (SWiB office)
Plymouth University BA Hon Photography Student

For this module, Anya worked with SWiB on producing her own photographic collection focusing on Burrator Reservoir, Dartmoor. The collection at SWiB she chose to draw inspiration from for her project was our Roy Westlake Collection (RW/14 - Dartmoor Series, Burrator set).

The Roy Westlake Collection contains 26 individual series which accounts for around 5,000 individual medium format negative transparencies (positive colour and b/w). The collection is dated from the 1940s through to the 1990s and covers most parts of Devon and Cornwall and as far as Somerset and Bath.

Here are some of the images she selected from the RW archive (RW/14/1/1 Burrator set):

img186.jpg sag062.jpg sag066.jpg

sag042.jpg sag076.jpg sag079.jpg

Anya has been visually exploring and documenting this area since 2005 and already had an impressive portfolio of images from which to develop her chosen subject. View more about her work and photography here

Her aim was to continue developing this portfolio as she felt it would be a great opportunity to add her archive to the existing collections at SWiB for ongoing public research and enquiry.

Method/s used:

Panoramic camera.
Medium format camera (Bronica)
35mm camera (Nikon)
Large format camera
Instax FujiFilm

Processed as: High quality colour and some B/W.

Outcomes (collaborative benefits):

As a direct result of Anya's work, we have been able to make accessible for the first time the complete Burrator set of the Roy Westlake Collection which until this project was still in need of digitisation. Anya offered to scan the entire Burrator set of images and has furthermore asked to help digitise further sets for us in her own time.

For Anya, it is hoped she will have developed a better knowledge as to how SWiB works and more generally how an archive operates as well as improving her own understanding the technical side of photography. Anya has also opted to deposit the images she has produced with SWiB, thereby, as a long-term consequence of this project, Anya will have created a portfolio of work which will reside at SWiB alongside other notable named photographer collections for continued public access and as a means by which she can promote her work. Anya's images will exist as an individual collection in it's own right and will also serve to compliment the Roy Westlake Burrator set of images:

AS - Anya Smith Collection

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