The Ana Langridge Project

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Ana Langridge (SWiB office)
Plymouth University BA Hon Photography Student

For this module, Ana worked with SWiB on producing her own photographic collection focusing on images that reflect the often overlooked parts of the City. Upon searching through our SWiB catalogue database, Ana opted for a selection of images from many different archive collections as inspiration for her work.

Here are some of the images she selected from the SWiB archives:

AD-16-15.jpg CS-5-10-1.jpg AD-21-35.jpg

wmn-3-2-2.jpg DING-3-44.jpg

PD-21-1-3.jpg PD-21-1-5.jpg

Ana's aim was to create a body of work for our living archive initiative showing Plymouth as it is today using a pinhole camera. The decision to make use of a pinhole camera stems from Ana having looked at older images from archives that have an aged look to them, Ana found these to be visually beautiful and wanted to recreate this type of look with a vintage camera. Ana's hope for her project was to create imagery that reflects Plymouth today but in a style that dates the image making it seem older than it is, essentially freezing a contemporary moment in time but in a very traditional way to demonstrate how historical images can seem to us when we see them.

Method/s used:

Pinhole Camera (learning pinhole exposure times)
Possibly other antique cameras

Processed as: Colour and b/w for contrast

Outcomes (collaborative benefits):

As a result of Ana's work, the resulting archive will be deposited with SWiB alongside the collections which inspired her. For Ana, it is hoped she will have developed a better knowledge as to how SWiB works and more generally how an archive operates as well as improving her own understanding the technical side of photography. As a long-term consequence of this project, Ana will have created a portfolio of work which will reside at SWiB alongside other notable named photographer collections for continued public access and as a means by which Ana can promote her work.

Feedback received from Ana:

"During this project I found the staff at SWiB extremely helpful and would not hesitate to contact them again. The archive is wonderful to look through and I feel very privileged to have been able to work with the team for this short time. My experience of working at SWiB was excellent, all of my needs and expectations were met well and to my benefit.

I think as a growing business they are certainly heading in the right direction, we just need to raise more awareness that they are there!"

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