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Tecalemit originated in London during the 1920s, the factory in Plymouth was opened in 1948. They mainly specialised in supplying lubrication equipment and componant parts for the motor car industry.

During the 1960s, Tecalemit employed over 6,500 people making it the largest employer in the City next to the Dockyard.

Tecalemit was not just a business it was a way of life, very similar to the Cooperative. They had various sport clubs and boasted an impressive bowling green!

The Collection was deposited at SWiB in 2008 as out 5th accession. We have produced 3 series from the collection. Series one includes files and administrative papers relating to the company. This is complemented by a collection of records currently held at Plymouth and West Devon Record Office.

The second series contains 'reconstruction of Plymouth' volumes.

The third and final set includes photographic material including staff pictures, machinery and photographic album showing the visit of HRH Prince Philip to Tecalemit in 1968.

If you have a story to share about Tecalemit, worked at Tecalemit in Plymouth or know of someone who did, please do contact us

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