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SWiB Statistics

Total images catalogued / all collections (available via onsite search room or external request) 52,000
Total images scanned / all collections (available via onsite search room or external request) 31,000
Total images available on website 10,000
User enquiries (Feb 2008 - Jan 2011) 1,385
Individual volunteering/work based learning opportunities supported to date 49
Individual presentations/talks given to external groups to date 34
Individual exhibitions/projects delivered to date 18/9 (27)

SWiB News in Brief - June 2011


In March 2010, SWiB announced a successfull round 1 pass in our application for funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

We were at that time given a development fund grant from the HLF to produce a more detailed second round application for our project to improve access to and interpretation of the regions visual heritage.

We completed the development work for the application and submitted our Round 2 bid in August 2010. In December 2010 we were informed by the HLF that our application had been approved.

For progress on our application see the specially created project page here.


Visit our online galleries page for access to over 10,000 images from our completed collections (further collections to follow monthly).

Following public demand, we are currently working with an IT consultant to allow for image based searches to be undertaken from the SWiB website. This will allow online visitors to search for specific images in addition to browsing all our collection based galleries.

Looking ahead

The Plymouth Barbican Association is wholly committed to the continuation of their anniversary initiative SWiB. We will continue working on our growing collections with our two core objectives very much at the forefront of our minds, that being the preservation of the region's visual heritage and to continue providing for access to the collections. Additional funding will be sought which will allow us to maintain the high quality of our public service delivery and to embark upon several outreach projects.

We are working with an IT consultant to improve the search facility on the website. This will mean that people will be able to perform searches for archive image content.

New aquisitions

All collections offered to SWiB will be appraised by our Archivist in accordance with our Collection and Acquisition Policy.

SWiB will only accept material if it is of a complementary nature to existing collections, where copyright is known or does not apply, or where it is the express intention of the depositing body to transfer custody to SWiB.

Where material does not conform to these conditions, transfer to another archival institution i.e. the record office, library, museum or film and television archive will be encouraged.

Similarily, 'official' public records will not be accepted; under the terms of the Public Records Act [1958] these records should be transferred to the public record office. If unsure, please do contact the SWiB Archivist who can advise on the appropriate place of deposit for records.

For a list of current accessions, visit The SWiB Archive page.

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