September 2009

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Image of the Month Feature - September 2009

AD-7-12_1.jpg SAG102.jpg

This month's images has been chosen from our wartime incidents photographic album by Simon Gomery, photographer and SWiB volunteer. Simon has also chosen an image from his own 'living archive' collection deposited with SWiB for the benefit of future enquiry.

1) Photograph, Turnchapel oil tankers, November 1940 (AD/7/12/1 Wartime Incidents Album)

"As a photo-journalist and documentary photographer, I am fascinated by the way that photography is able to freeze a moment in time, that will last indefinately depending on how the materials are archived.

I was directly involved with the digitisation of this collection at SWiB. First and foremost, being a police collection (viz. taken by the police during the war), these are images which have not been in circulation to the public.

It is also a document that has been taken at the sence of the fire, one of the few in the collection, the others being photographed after the incident."

2) Photograph, Devonport, 2008 (SAG102 Simon Gomery Collection)

"Part of my work with SWiB is towards my photography degree. I am being supported by FOTONOW and SWiB to develop a living archive of Devonport where I am resident.

The date shown here is 1824 which fits in with the early pioneers of photography, Joseph Niepce in France, William Fox-Talbot in England. The aim of the archive is to place images both historical and contemporary of Devonport within the development of photography from approximately 1830 including some 21st Century images which I have taken myself. The Devonport Archive will be developed for and with the assistance from local residents."

For more information about the Devonport Archive Project, see our Projects page.


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