RW - Roy Westlake Collection

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Dates 1930s-2000s
Total items catalogued 7323 (accruals anticipated)
Total items scanned 1783 (ongoing)
Gallery status Further updates pending

Admin. Detail:

The Roy Westlake Collection is one of our most substantial collections containing 27 individual sets divided into categories of themes/places/events.

The collection has taken around three years to fully process with further planned accruals to follow.

Given the volume of the collection, the online gallery for the collection will be updated monthly to include additional sets. An administrative overview of the collection including a biography of Roy Westlake himself will feature here shortly.




RW - Wartime and Reconstruction RW - Views of Plymouth City Centre (1950s-1960s) RW - views of the Tamar Bridge and the River Tamar (1950s-1970s)



RW - Views of Plymouth surrounds RW - Views of the Civic Centre RW - Plymouth Zoo
RW - Views of Central Park RW - Views of the Guildhall and the Great Square RW - General views of Plymouth Hoe
RW - General views of the Barbican RW - Drake's Island and Drake's Statue on the Hoe


RW - Views of Plymouth Outskirts, Devon RW - Outskirts, South West Devon RW - Outskirts, South East Devon
RW - Outskirts, North West Devon RW - Outskirts, North East Devon RW - Dartmoor
RW - Churches, Devon RW - Building and Development, Devon, 1990s


RW - views of Cornwall

Other county

RW - Other County, Bristol, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire


RW - sailing, yachting and powerboats RW - lifestyle and leisure activities and events RW - general local events and festivals
RW - commemorative events

Other themes

RW - transport RW - theatre and art, Plymouth, Devon RW - places of interest, Devon

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