RA - Ron Andrews Collection

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Keywords street scenes 1920s / Plymouth / Barbican / people / shops / cinema / theatre / Post Office / Millbay / war memorial plaques / Royal Navy / HMS Impregnable / city police / politics / Nancy Astor / Roborough airport / transport / swimming / football / rugby
Dates 1920s
Total items scanned 275 (ongoing)
Gallery status Further updates pending

Admin. Detail:

The Ron Andrews collection was deposited at SWiB in June 2010.

We’re all very excited about this fantastic new collection of around 1000 glass plate negatives depicting 1920s life in Plymouth. The collection covers everything from everyday street scenes, working lives and architecture to military, political and cultural events in and around the city.

The collection hails from mysterious circumstances; it was found under the floorboards of an unknown house in Plympton fated for demolition. Having survived the Second World War and the following 40 years, fortunately it was saved again and given to photography enthusiast Ron Andrews. Ron looked after the collection for 25 years and then donated it to SWiB. We are honoured to be able to celebrate this unique collection and provide public access to the images.

Nothing else was known about the origin of the collection, which is now undergoing appraisal and research by the SWiB team. Some images are dated 1923 / 1924 and the variety of the collection suggests that the photographs may have been taken for a local publication. Watch this space for further developments!


There will be a series of individual galleries featuring all images from the collection soon. To enquire about the Ron Andrews collection at SWiB please contact us.

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