In addition to our standard outreach activities and volunteer activity, SWiB is currently undertaking several large-scale projects designed to engage and encourage community interest in our work and to demonstrate our appreciation of nationally recognised learning based initiatives which provide the foundations upon which all SWiB projects are undertaken.

Key agendas followed:

Knowledge Transfer Initiative (AHRC)
Adult Learning Initiative (Dept. for Business, Innovation and Skills)
Inspiring Learning For All Framework (MLA)

Image Building: Heritage Lottery Fund Project

A Project to Improve Access to and Interpretation of the Regions Visual Heritage

November 2009 - present (ongoing)

Round One application - Submitted, November 2009 / Passed, March 2010
Development phase - March 2010 - August 2010
Round Two application - Submitted August 2010
Project delivery - Submitted, August 2010 / Passed, December 2010

View further details on the project here.

Devonport Living Archive (Adult Learning Project)

Summer 2009 - present (ongoing)


Project Overview: Simon Gomery, local photographer, PCA Student and SWiB Volunteer is working to create a community archive for Devonport, culminating in a final exhibition which will be added to his portfolio towards his photography degree.

Outcomes: To support public awareness of the rich visual heritage of Devonport; to encourage an awareness of the importance of preserving that heritage whilst the area experiences significant developments to it's landscape. The original photographic archives accumulated during the project will be scanned and added to SWiB's collections for continued public access.

For details of past projects, please see our Project Archive page.

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