Plymouth Polytechnic Circa 1973

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Featured in the Plymouth Extra on the 1 October 2009.


RW/1/9/2 - Plymouth Polytechnic, circa 1973

"For the generaton of students just starting at the University of Plymouth this will look like it belongs to a different age altogether and to a certain extent it does. There were Austin 1100s, 1800s, Hillman Imps, Triumph Heralds, Bonds and Singers on the roads as British cars dominated the streetscape and pre-war buildings littered the fringes of the campus of what was then the newly designated Plymouth Polytechnic.

Roy Westlake took his splendid period piece from one of the upper windows of the newly built Drake Circus building, little thinking that he would still be around when that building would be pulled down and replaced by another, and altogether bigger, Drake Circus complex.

Today of course such a view of the erstwhile Poly is impossible since the completion of the striking Levinsky building, although who can say whether one day the twenty-storey tower proposed for the site between the two new buildings will enable an even more elevated view of the campus from this angle.

Picture courtesy of the South West Image Bank (01752 665445) ref: RW/1/9/2."

(Commentary by Chris Robinson)


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