Plymouth Pier Circa 1930

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Featured in the Plymouth Extra on the 10 July 2008.


RW/20/1 Plymouth Pier, Plymouth Hoe, circa 1930s

"Not sure of the year, or the event, but judging by the fashions is would seem to appear to be the early Thirties. Based on where people are standing and looking, especially those on the pier itself, almost all of whom are on the east side, it would appear to be some swimming or diving event off the Hoe or the Pier - possibly one of the annual swims out to the Breakwater.

It seems sunny enough, but the coats and jackets indicate that it's not warm, even though the late afternoon shadows aren't that long, suggesting that it's close to summertime.

Standing on the Hoe today, with little or no evidence of the Pier's existance, it's hard to imagine the great iron framework stretching out from a position level with Hoe Road, but stretch out it did, from 1884 to 1941. At first it had no pavilion; that was added in 1891, and although the 'bulbous spoon in the Sound' was burnt through to it's framework in the Blitz of 1941 [see image below], the twisted metal skeleton survived for some years after that.


AD/7/60/3 Plymouth Pier, Plymouth Hoe, circa 1940s

Picture courtesy of the South West Image Bank (01752 665445) ref: RW/20/1."

(Commentary by Chris Robinson)


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