October 2009

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Image of the Month Feature - October 2009


RW/22/1 - Old Town Street, Plymouth, 1960s

This month's image has been chosen from our Roy Westlake Collection by John Pawley, SWiB volunteer.

"For me this is the perfect picture. It is iconic, nostalgic and symbolic.

Iconic because for people of my generation (and older) this was always the place to meet before going on elsewhere. It was the starting point when asked to give directions.

Nostalgic because I misspent (slightly) a lot of my youth in the area. Who remembers the ‘Tarantula’, ‘Cappuccino’ and the ‘El Sombrero’ coffee bars? The ‘Bedford Wine Vaults’? Dancing Saturday nights to ‘Mike Satan and the Debonaires’ at the ‘Rooftop Club’ above ‘Burtons’?

Symbolic because the old, pre-war Plymouth is shown together with the newly rebuilt city in one superb photograph. It is personally symbolic as well. While I was misspending my youth a pretty young girl, called Margaret Coles, was starting work in Boots and we have been happily married now for over 40 years!"


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