Notte Street 1963

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Featured in the Plymouth Extra on the 12 June 2008.


PD/1/1/10 - Notte Street, 1963

"Our photograph dates from 1963; we can see the Law Courts are still under construction in the bottom left hand corner. To the right we see the bank that was built in two phases: Curtis Green's Barclays building. An architect of major repute - he designed many buildings for banks and financial houses in London, as well as the exterior of the Dorchester Hotel and Barclays in Exeter - his Plymouth building was originally intended to be a five storey affair. In the last few years it has been expanded, with accomodation being added above what is now 'Bar Ha Ha'.

Across from the other side of Notte Street, we see the impressive former NAAFI building. Another fine structure - modelled loosely on Norwich city Hall - this building is currently under threat, having recently been vacated by the School of Architecture. Opened by Princess Margaret in 1952, it would be tragic to lose this handsomely proportioned building.

Further down Notte Street we see Hector Stirling's 'Star Flats'/ Heavily influenced by a particular European apartment design, the City Architect replicated his 'star' pettern blocks in Stonehouse, Cattedown and at Pennycomequick.

Note the plain grass area fronting the flats and in Armada Way, where San Sebastian Square was created a generation or so later.

Picture courtesy of the South West Image Bank (01752 665445) ref: PD/1/1/10."

(Commentary by Chris Robinson)


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