Mutley Barracks 1979

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Featured in the Plymouth Extra on the 5 February 2009


WMN/2/3/4299 Mutley Barracks, Plymouth, 1979

"Winding the clock back 30 years, we find this view from November 1979, looking out from one of the upper windows of the Hyde Park Hotel across Mutley Barracks towards Plymouth College and beyond.

Remarkably, there was still parking on both sides of Hyde Park Road, but things were due to change.

The Barracks, which just predeated most other buildings in the area - they were built here for the South Devon Militia in the 1840s, just a few years before the villas around Ford Park and some years before the high-gabled roof of the College's main school building would rise above the skyline - were not long for this world, and by the mid-a980s a car park, still known as Mutley Barracks Car Park, would appear on part of the site, along with a hut, while most of the rest would be given over to a new sports hall for the school. The Victorian high wall remains around this part of the old barracks site, at least, and although the tree is long gone, the lamppost appears neither to have moved nor changed."

Picture courtesy of the South West Image Bank (01752 665445) ref: WMN/2/3/4299.

(Commentary by Chris Robinson)


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