March 2009

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Image(s) of the Month Feature - March 2009

PD-1-14-28-1.jpg PD-1-1-23-1.jpg

PD/1/14/28 View towards Plymouth Hoe, 1960s and PD-1-1-23 Robert Lenkiewicz Mural, Barbican, Plymouth, 1970s

This months images have been chosen by members of the public who attended the recent 'Images of Plymouth' exhibition hosted by the Friends of Devon Archives (FODA) & the Devon Family History Society (DFHS). See our Outreach Archive page for further details.

"As part of the SWiB display, we encouraged members of the public to select their favourite image from the many images featured within the display which were reproduced from our photographic collections.

There were in fact three favourite images, one being the Palace Theatre, 1982 which has already featured as a previous Image of the Month and which provoked some strong feelings over it's ongoing decline.

In the first of our images (shown above) we see the ongoing work to implement Abercrombie's vision for post-war Plymouth, a stunning view taken from one of our private deposits, looking towards the Hoe before the Holiday Inn was built (1970) and when Christ the King Church was still undergoing development.

The second image, chosen perhaps more for its visual appeal, shows the Lenkiewicz Mural which is still in place on the Barbican albeit in a very sorry state."


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