June 2009

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Image of the Month Feature - June 2009


SWiB Reference, WMN/2/3/9541

Photograph, angler Eric Howe holding an Atherine Smelt fish and the British Record Fish List book, 15 Jan 1975

This months images has been chosen from our Western Morning News Collection by Eileen Willey - SWiB volunteer

"As you can see from this picture, the Plymouth Barbican Association South West Image Bank isn't just about dusty reminders of the Blitz, long forgotten buildings, horse-drawn trams or Edwardian ladies in long skirts and leg o'mutton sleeves. I am working on a collection of negatives dated between 1974/1975 which, being a local newspaper collection, features many people who are still with us today.

We are all granted 15 minutes of fame and this young man's great moment really made me smile as I happened upon it whilst undertaking cataloguing work. In spite of living by the sea all my life, I know nothing about the fish that swim off Plymouth's shores, so when I saw the words "British Fish Record" on the packet of negatives, I naturally prepared myself for something large, impressive and out-of-the-ordinary - not the tiddler in the photograph!

Perhaps this recordbreaker had come from cold, artic waters or the warm mediterranean and is it a smelt, a smalt or a smolt? The handwriting on the pack is a little vague.

I hope Eric is still around and about and enjoys seeing this reminder of his youthful endeavours with rod and line."


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