Inspiring Learning

In fulfillment of our Learning Policy objectives, SWiB has been working alongside other photographic initiatives and projects within the region and has assisted in the learning development of college and university students who have undertaken work placements with us.

Individual volunteering/work based learning opportunities supported to date 42

We have a few College and University students on board with us and some with learning difficulties, who have been given the opportunity to learn about archives and have developed skills in intergenerational relationships with our existing volunteers.

During their time with us, some of these students have expressed an interest in developing archives as a career. In addition to offering opportunities to develop cataloguing and scanning skills, we have sought to their encourage active participation in and ownership of SWiB outreach projects as part of their overall skills development.

katy_small.jpg Emma_Taylor_small.jpg simon_small.jpg lucy_small.jpg LH.jpg ANYA_SMITH_small.jpg ANA_LANGRIDGE_small.jpg

1) Katy Barber (Plymouth College of Art student), 2) Emma Taylor (Swansea University student), 3) Simon Gomery (PCA student), 4) Lucy Hill (University College, Falmouth), 5) Liz Rowett, (PCA student) 6) Anya Smith (University of Plymouth) 7) Ana Langridge (University of Plymouth)

See our SWiB news page for details of specific projects being undertaken by some of our work placement volunteers.

Another initiative worthy of celebration is the online interactive tour of Charles Church which has been developed independently by former SWiB volunteer Karol Kwiatek as part of his PhD project.

We are very pleased to provide a link to his work here.

If you are interested in undertaking a work placement opportunity with SWiB, please do contact us.

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