How Can You Contribute?

SWiB APPEAL - Do you have any old photographic equipment you'd like to donate towards our new gallery display? If so, we'd be delighted to hear from you! Please contact us

Very often we receive calls from members of the public asking if they can help in some way towards the work we are doing here at SWiB.

There are many ways in which you can support us, either by depositing your own photographic records with us, by becoming a friend of SWiB or by working with us as a volunteer.

Deposit your photographs

Do you have you any old photographs that will help to complete a picture of the region past and present? Many images are lost, for example when a family member dies, and often things are thrown away because no one thinks they are of importance. Perhaps you are simply lacking adequate space to store them at home or haven't the resources to digitise them.

You may like to deposit them for safekeeping with SWiB or loan them to us to digitise for you for the benefit of public research and to help raise our collective understanding of the rich and diverse visual heritage of the region.

We accept and process all image based records; photographic prints/transparency negatives/slides/glass plates within the guidelines of our Collection Policy which can be viewed upon individual request to the image bank.


At present we have over 40 individual photographic collections at the image bank, deposited by local businesses, keen photographers and private individuals.

Whether the photographs were taken by you; someone you know; or whether they were taken 5 years ago or 50! At SWiB we appreciate the research value of ALL photographs and are working to establish a complementary living archive for the benefit of tomorrow’s history.

What can we offer you in return?

We can offer your collection a safe and secure environmentally controlled storage facility to ensure their continued availability for research for generations to come. As custodian of your photographic records, adequate documentation upon deposit is given thereby allowing you to retain full rights to the collection if preferred.
We also accept original material on a temporary loan basis, allowing us to create a digital record of the material, the originals of which along with a copy of the digital archive are then presented back to the depositor
Our qualified Archivist can offer a professional archival appraisal service of all photographic records to avoid unnecessary weeding/destruction of items which may ultimately diminish the research value of the collection as a whole. Similarily, we would never destroy or throw away any material offered, all weeded items (if any) will be offered back to the depositor.
We undertake preservation work on all collections which includes archival repackaging if necessary followed by a process of cataloguing and scanning for transfer onto the searchable database, allowing for world-wide access to our collections.
We also undertake digital restoration of all material offered (see below); a copy of the digital archive is then given to the depositor regardless of whether they leave records with us for long-term storage or if they decide to retain the originals.

preservation_work.jpg strong_room_1.jpg

1) Cataloguing and scanning work, SWiB office, 2) A repackaged collection, preserved in our archival storage facility

PD-20.jpg PD-20_edited.jpg

1) A (unedited) scan of a photograph, Mayflower Sailing Club, 1936, 2) After some digital restoration

Our current Acquisition and Preservation Policy together with our Terms of Gifts and Deposits can be viewed via our SWiB Policies page of this website.

Become a Friend of SWiB

At present we are working to set up a subscription based Friends of SWiB support group to help raise the profile of the image bank, made up of members of the public and other interested parties.

Friends of SWiB will receive complementary discounts on copy orders and feature-based newsletters highlighting our ongoing work.

Become a Volunteer for SWiB

At present we have around 30 existing volunteers on board. We are currently not looking for any more volunteers.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of depositing/loaning material with/to us or would like to offer your support in other ways, please do contact the SWiB Archivist. Appointments are advisable to ensure we have prepared all necessary documentation.

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