Here are some of the comments received from members of the public who have made use of SWiB and feedback from educational organisations we have had the pleasure of working with in our objective to create an accessible learning environment for all.

"We have invested time visiting archives in the region and have a clear picture of their importance to practitioners, communities and historians. We are very impressed at how your project has become the most effectively managed in the region in such a short space of time. Despite the obvious benefits of the image bank in preserving the heritage of the South West it provides a social hub for a generation of volunteers alongside enhancing intergenerational relationships"

SWiB visitor

"There are many educational and developmental benefits to your service that are not immediately apparent. Thanks once again for your support, it is a pleasure to work with you."

P.C, Employment Consultant, Pluss (WorkAble).

"Your prompt and efficient service is a credit to you. It's very nice to find someone as willing and helpful as you".

SWiB search room visitor.

"We appreciate the marvellous facility of SWiB… and are very appreciative of the opportunities afforded to our student on work experience".

H.B, Skills Development, City College, Plymouth.

"Thank you so much for your speedy response to our request for info. How incredibly efficient!"

D.G, SWiB search room visitor

"The care and research you put into all collections placed with you seem second to none. The service you provide ensures they are widely accessible for generations to pass. The images I have had the privilege to deposit with you are to be documented, stored and shared, this I regard as a first rate service. Thank you for your service and your team… Totally invaluable."

D.N, Operations Manager, House of Fraser.

"I have come to recognise the good work that you carry out with many disadvantaged people both young and not so young. By giving them a chance, where others were reluctant to do so, you are helping many of these people raise their self esteem and confidence enabling them to find employment and play a more meaningful role in society… I feel it is vitally important that organisations such as SWiB continue to be funded."

P.C, Skills Development, City College, Plymouth.

"The image bank is a long-awaited and very welcome addition to existing [heritage] establishments in the area, ably managed by an Archivist whose passion and commitment is an absolute joy to see… the team of volunteers appear to be not just efficient but extremely capable and enthusiastic in their work… From my visits to the image bank, I sincerely feel that this service is and will continue to be of enormous benefit to individuals and groups alike".

M.T, SWiB search room visitor.

"In such a competitive job market, and a rapidly growing sector, the need for experience when pursing a career in archives is valuable beyond expression. I have volunteered in two seperate record offices but have found my time at the South West image Bank to be the most valuable and furthermore, the most enjoyable… The three months I spent at SWiB has confirmed my interest in working in archives and allowed me to gain more experience needed to pursue my career…"

E.T, SWiB Volunteer Work Placement Student.

"Thank you for everything that you have done, I am delighted to have found the picture that I thought was lost forever… With so little to go on most people would not have even bothered, so the fact you trawled through boxes of photos, and then found what I wanted is brilliant!"

M.T, SWiB search room visitor.

"I just wanted to say what a fantastic web-site you have, some of the images really brought back some memories for me… Thank you so much for your quick response [to my search request], you are doing a wonderful job down there!"

J.T, SWiB search request

"You are wonderful!… SWIB has come on a lot since the early days… it has all the hallmarks of a successful, professional and effective archive. Well done to you and all your volunteers. Will see you again no doubt!”

RBL - search room visitor

"How nice to receive super service this morning at the Plymouth Barbican Association South West Image Bank. My questions were patiently and courteously answered by the Volunteer and the Archivist. Thank you so very much for your excellent facility."

M.W - search room visitor

"Congratulations on your comprehensive website - and on the excellent work which you are all doing to preserve these invaluable pieces of our history."

P.W, web site visitor

"I offer you are warmest thanks for providing our members with so many insights into your work and collections. Our members thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and appreciate the efforts in putting together the talk. Your visit to us has encouraged many of us to plan a visit the archive and we send our very best wishes for your continued success."

G.H. audience member, SWiB presentation (outreach)

If you would like to provide feedback on our services please do complete our SWiB feedback form or moc.tcennoctb|knabegamiWS#su liame with your comments.

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