February 2009

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Image of the Month Feature - February 2009


PD/1/8/11 Construction of the Tamar Bridge, 1960

This months image has been chosen by Val Scott, SWiB Volunteer.

"I remember the new road bridge being built. As a girl I could see from our new house a daily difference in the construction and also my old school and our previous house in North Road, which was demolished to make way for the access road.

I always marvelled at the way it all came together. Also, at times, it was quite dangerous because of the workmen having to cross the River Tamar which has a very strong current. The height of the new bridge itself was in itself rather intimidating and seemed to dwarf the old railway bridge which was designed by Portsmouth born Isambard Kingdom Brunel who revolutionised public transport and modern day engineering. The old railway bridge was finished almost one hundred years prior to the construction of the Tamar Bridge.

More recently the Tamar Bridge has undergone further engineering work, today the two bridges are used by thousands daily to cross between Devon and Cornwall."


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