DING - Dingles Collection

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Keywords: Plymouth / Devon / Dingles / Business / Industry / Wartime / Reconstruction / Pre-war / Transport / Royal Parade / Mutley / Fashion / Concorde

Have you or anyone you know worked in Dingles? Did you help construct the Royal Parade site? Do you have fond memories of shopping there? Do you remember Dingles before Royal Parade? Or have you simply ever wondered about how Dingles has developed over the decades?

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DING/1 - Interior Views, Dingles*
DING/2 - Exterior Views, Dingles*
DING/3 - Royal Parade Site, Dingles
DING/4 - Staff, People & Events, Dingles*
DING/5 - Fashions, Dingles*

*Series includes pre-war and wartime images of Dingles and surrounding areas in Plymouth.

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