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The main photographic collection at SWiB forms part of the Western Morning News collection of original negatives and transparencies taken by various employed press photographers. Deposited in 2006 by Chris Robinson, director of the association, local historian and correspondent for the Herald, the WMN collection accounts for the many news stories and events featured in the local papers covering Devon and Cornwall. SWiB has been working to digitise this collection during a two year Heritage Lottery funded project.

SWiB Reference WMN
Accession Number 1
Coverage Temporal 1945-2003 (some gaps)
Type Photographic


Photograph, final journey of tram, Old Town Street, Plymouth, 1945 (WMN/1/1/1)

We have around two million WMN negatives which we are busy scanning and cataloguing in chronological order on to an internal searchable database. The earliest image is dated 1945, with a consistent run from the 1960s onwards through to 2002.

The images SWiB is working to scan in from this collection offer a wonderful complement to the collection of newspaper articles on microfiche at Plymouth Central Library. The counterpart of the collection is currently held at Plymouth And West Devon Record Office.

Please note, only photographs from 1941 onwards survive of the WMN/EH collection. Any original photographic records prior to this were destroyed during the Blitz.

The images within our WMN collection are in the process of being digitised and added to our online Subject Albums online gallery. These galleries are updated every month.

We have around 90 other individual photographic collections in addition to our Western Morning News Collection, most of these have been deposited or loaned to us by members of the public and local businesses. Perhaps you would like to consider depositing your own collections with us?

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