CS Project - Feedback & Acknowledgements

"It is a privilege and an honour to have been asked to curate this exhibition for the Cooperative's 150th Anniversary Congress. Working towards this exhibition has allowed me to further my creative understanding of the photographic archive [CS Collection at SWiB] and the skills I am building up are all helping towards my future career in photographic curation."

Lucy Hill, Appointed Project Coordinator

"We are delighted to have been asked by the Society to produce an exhibition in celebration of their 150th anniversary with Lucy Hill BA(hons) student and SWiB work-placement volunteer at the helm. Lucy is an extremely capable, intelligent and diligent individual, in particular her independent photography skills have equipped her with an excellent sense of how to present and exhibit images. A primary outcome of Lucy's work with SWiB is that I have been encouraged to consider how we might make use of the collections in our care beyond the initial cataloguing and scanning work."

Stacey Dyer, SWiB Archivist/Manager

"Can I please thank Lucy, Simon, and yourself, for putting on such an excellent presentation. It was really first class… It's been a pleasure in being able to assist. We wish Lucy well in her future career, I know she has a great time ahead."

Victor Barton, former Chief Executive of the Cooperative Society and society history club researcher.

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