CS Project - Details

Project Brief

- To manage and curate a photographic exhibition for the Co-operative Anniversary Congress scheduled for June 2010.
- Provide images for Congress reproduced from the SWiB Cooperative Society Archive.
- Work with a budget to print and mount the images (Bretonside Copy) / print posters and other promotional literature / and production of feedback forms.

Lucy's Aims

- Focus of the show to be centered around the guiding principles which have governed the Cooperative since it's establishment, to tell the story of the Cooperative.

"The Coop was more than just a business, it was a way of life and sought to provide a better quality of life for its members. I hope to demonstrate this through the images I have selected for the exhibition." (Lucy Hill)

Project Tasks

1) Research the history of the Cooperative: Secondary source material / internet / articles
2) Conduct an interview with Victor Barton, Former Chief Executive of the Cooperative Society and Researcher to the History
Club, to enrich that research. To read the full interview click here:

Interview with Victor Barton.doc

3) Appraisal of the SWiB Cooperative Collection / selecting potential images for exhibition.
4) Editing - finalise an edit of 20 images for the exhibition, extras to be used for promotional materials. Consult with Bretonside Copy (printing) on target size for each image.
5) Scanning - scan selected images for the exhibition.
6) Visit to the designated exhibition space, meet with congress coordinators, discuss where the images are to be displayed and how.
7) Issue a press release / radio promotion.
8) Design and submit promotional literature.
9) Further press release if necessary.
10) Execute the display / process feedback.

Project Photos

Lucy Hill at SWiB, 15th October 2009 -
SL370402.jpg SL370398.jpg

Appraisal work (preparation), 15th October / 4th and 10th December 2009 -
091210_161400.jpg SL370448.jpg 091210_161339.jpg 091210_161438.jpg

Meeting with Bretonside Copy, 19th February 2010 / Interview with Victor Barton at SWiB (research), 19th February 2010 -
100219_110748.jpg SL370529.jpg

Selecting images for exhibition, 19th March / 27th April 2010 -
100427_145842.jpg 100427_145855.jpg 100427_160603.jpg

Visit to exhibition venue, 27th April 2010 -
100427_093547.jpg 100427_092947.jpg

Submit images for printing, collect from Bretonside Copy when completed, 11th/18th June 2010
100619_144614.jpg 100619_144638.jpg

Final Exhibition, 25th-27th June 2010
P6250005.jpg P6250004.jpg
P6250019.jpg P6250018.jpg
P6250014.jpg P6250011.jpg

CS Archive Photos (selected for the exhibition)

Cooperative Exhibition Project Archive Gallery

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