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Keywords staff / business and industry / Cooperative / people / farms / butchery / bakery / trade / society / Plymouth / Devon / South West / stores / Derry's / Royal Parade / Coal and Fuel / Laundry
Dates 1900s-2000s
Total items catalogued 1469 (complete)
Total items scanned 554
Gallery status Further updates pending

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Admin. Detail:

The Cooperative Society Collection was deposited at SWiB in 2009/2010 as our 51st accession.

For further details about the Cooperative see our Cooperative Society Project Page.

Credit is to be given to the history club of the Society whose members lovingly accumulated and cared for these records prior to their transfer to SWiB. In particular the efforts of Victor Barton and Barbara Dyer who helped identify and reference the material.

SWiB has produced 6 series for the collection accounting for the opening of various stores and premises, staff and other people associated with both the Cooperative and the Society, commemorative events and advertising, community events and various interior and exterior views of other stores and Derry's on Royal Parade.

If you have a story to share about the Cooperative, worked at the Coop in Plymouth or know of someone who did, please do contact us


CS - Cooperative Bakery CS - Cooperative Butchery CS - Cooperative coal and fuel
CS - Cooperative Laundry CS - Cooperative Radnor Dairy CS - Cooperative Farms
CS - Cooperative transport & delivery CS - Cooperative at Derry's CS - Cooperative, other stores
CS - Cooperative window displays CS - Cooperative events CS - Cooperative Society events
CS - Cooperative, people CS - Cooperative, unidentified

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