Press Articles

The Image Bank has received some press interest in the work we are undertaking. The articles written are featured here alongwith some articles and publications relating to other projects in which SWiB has provided consultancy and/or support.


'South West Image Bank is Founded'
Featured in 'The Chronicle, A Magazine of Local History', 5 April 2007

Press Release, SWiB
featured in the Herald, June 2007


'Image Bank opens doors'
Featured in the Herald, 4 February 2008

'Unique Photo Library is a World Resource'
Featured in the Plymouth Magazine, February 2008

'Official Opening of the South West Image Bank'
Featured in 'Devon Today', March 2008

Then and Now
(Featured in the Herald, 19 September 2008)

Plymouth Argyle Exhibition
(Featured in the Herald, 23 November 2008)

Plymouth Argyle Exhibition
(Featured in the Herald, 24 November 2008)

Tamaritans Theatre Company
(Featured in the Herald, 15 December 2008)


Tamaritans Theatre Company(2)
(Featured in the Herald, 10 January 2009)

SWiB Collections Review Feature
(Featured in the Herald, 11 April 2009)

PM's brother who wrote more plays than Shakespeare'
(Featured in the Herald, 17 April 2009)

'South West Image Bank' by Lucy Hill featured in 'Ensemble', the Falmouth University news journal of photographic work and research (Edition One) Summer 2009 (pp 10-11)

Community histories at archiving roadshow
(Featured in the Herald, 10 July 2009)

Model of Pre-War Plymouth
(Featured in the Herald, 24 July 2009)

'Volunteers complete work on WMN archive' article by Matt Lanyon featured in the Western Morning News, 27 July 2009

'Plymouth's past has a secure future' article by Jane O'Mara featured in the Herald, 30 July 2009

'Every Picture Tells a Story'
(Article featured in Devon Life Magazine, October 2009 edition)


Lottery Application
(Featured, BBC Devon website, 30 March 2010)

'Never-ending task is her dream job'
(Article featured in the Plymouth Herald, 24 April 2010)

Best Websites Feature
(Featured in the Who Do You Think You Are Magazine, October 2010 edition)

Expert's Choice
(Featured in the Who Do You Think You Are Magazine, October 2010 edition)

Plymouth Civic Centre
(Featured, BBC Devon website, 15 October 2010)

The Way We Live
(Featured, BBC Devon website, 9 November 2010)


Lottery funding for unique regional archive
(Article featured, Plymouth Herald, 17th January 2011)

New home for incredible collection of images
(Article featured, Western Morning News, 17th January 2011)

Modern Technology Saving Images of the Past
Article, featured in the Western Morning News, 22nd January 2011

Royal Wedding Feature
Article, Plymouth Herald, 2nd February 2011

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