Aerial View, Sutton Harbour (East) & Coxside 1960s

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Featured in the Plymouth Extra on the 3 July 2008.


WMN/1/1/5/5 Aerial View, Sutton Harbour (east) & Coxside, 1960s

"Although the marketeers are encouraging us to include the eastern side of Sutton Harbour under the Barbican umbrella, this is Coxside, one of the most radically transformed parts of post war Plymouth outside the city centre itself, and one that is still undergoing change. A working harbour as we see it here some hald a century or so ago, the pool itself, while still home to the fishing fleet, is now dominated by small pleasure and leisure craft and their moorings, while the waterfront, although still evolving, is dominated by residential clocks and offices.

Long gone are most of the low-slung, single-storey, rather unsightly stores and sheds, and long gone too the railway links to the rest of the country. In their stead we now find Coxside enjoying a new lease of life with the National Marine Aquarium occupying much of the the old coal depot, Vue, the entertainment complex, built across much of the old gasworks site, the new and improved fish market built on largely reclaimed land, plus hotels, bars and restaurants, such as the Premier Travel Lodge, Lockyer's Quay, and the early Nineties conversion of Coxside's second-oldest premises, the China House.

Picture courtesy of the South West Image Bank (01752 665445) ref: WMN/1/1/5/5."

(Commentary by Chris Robinson)


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