Aerial View, Friary Station & Beaumont Park Circa 1964

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Featured in the Plymouth Extra on the 27 March 2008.


WMN/1/1/37/3 Aerial View, Friary and Beaumont, circa 1964

"Many landmarks that will be familiar to older generations of Plymothians will confound and confuse many among the younger set.

The bridge across the erstwhile railway lines running into Friary Station is, of course, still there, but the station site has long since been occupied by a different sort of shed from that which housed railway rolling stock.

Today a warehouse-style retail complex shares the old Friary site with a relatively new housing development, while further up the road from the bridge, curving around past, and away from, the green and tree-lined Beaumont Park, we see the former Greenbank Hospital, another casualty of redevelopment and another that has made way for housing. Curiously, enough, when the hospital and the station were new, a little over 125 years ago, they stood on the very outskirts of town: hard to imagine now.

Turning our attention to the bottom of this fascinating aerial image from around 1964 we see Exeter Street in a state of transition, with much-missed Brunswick Terrace, the Jubilee and the Burton Boys lining the southern side of the thoroughfare either side of the junction with Sutton Road: and talking of Sutton, Sutton High School, above and in line with the junction, was still very much a going concern back then, with 20 years till to run.

Picture courtesy of the South West Image Bank (01752 665445) ref: WMN/1/1/37/3."

(Commentary by Chris Robinson)


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