AD/24 - Photographs, Stoke Damerel High School For Girls, 1910-1986

Collection of photographic records pertaining to the school formerly Keppel Place Central School, 1908-1914; Higher Elementary Girls' School, 1914-1926; Stoke Damerel Secondary School, 1926-1937; and Stoke Damerel High School, 1937-1986.

The collection was deposited by a variety of sources in preparation for the Stoke Damerel High School reunion on the 10th October 2009.

View the complete catalogue of items within the collection here: AD-24_Catalogue.doc

AD/24/1 - Dated photographs
AD/24/2 - Undated photographs
AD/24/3 - Staff and school portraits
AD/24/4 - complementary written records
AD/24/5 - Deposited sets of photographs

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