AD/24 Photographs Stoke Damerel High School For Girls 1900s 1980s

During the Second World War, on May 14th 1941, part of the school was evacuated to St Austell in Cornwall while those who remained behind, along with the remnants of Devonport High School for Boys, constituted the Emergency High School. The evacuation ended on July 23rd 1945 and the school merged with those who had remained in Plymouth on September 10th before being joined the next day by over a hundred new boys.

Doctor Jones retired at the end of 1957 and was replaced by Mr Henry J Bristow, BA,who came from being Deputy Head of Holloway Comprehensive School in London. In 1966 the school got its first lady teacher, Miss Audrey Brown, BSc. Mr Bristow retired at the end of the summer term of 1971. Doctor James S Rowe, MSc, took over and remained until 1984.

Just before this, Plymouth City Council had carried out a study of the structure of secondary education in the City and proposed the closure of the Regent Street building. The name of Sutton was to be retained for a new, central school when it was built. Like the 1960s proposal to move the School to the old Pennycross Stadium site, it never came about.

The Regent Street building was closed on Friday July 13th 1984 when the remaining 4th, 5th and 6th form boys transferred to Stoke Damerel High School for Girls located in the old Stoke Public School building that had helped give birth to the school all those years ago. They were actually housed in an annex across the opposite side of Albert Road, at Stoke, and remained there under the last headmaster, Doctor David McCallan, until Thursday June 26th 1986 when the school closed.

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