AD/24 Photographs Stoke Damerel High School For Girls

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Collection of photographic records pertaining to the school formerly Keppel Place Central School, 1908-1914; Higher Elementary Girls' School, 1914-1926; Stoke Damerel Secondary School, 1926-1937; and Stoke Damerel High School, 1937-1986.

Sutton Secondary School for Boys was formed from the amalgamation of Keppel Place School, Stoke, and Regent Street Higher Elementary School, Plymouth. The former had started in 1821 as Stoke Public School (pictured right) but been renamed in 1909. Regent Street Higher Elementary had been formed in 1873 as Mount Street Girls' School which, in 1887, joined with the boys' section to form Mount Street Higher Grade School, which moved into its own new building in Regent Street in 1897. The lower school was in the basement, the higher on the top floor and the girls' section was sandwiched in between.

The new Sutton Secondary School opened on September 13th 1926, with Mr Alexander L Strachan, formerly of Keppel Place School, as headmaster and nine teachers each of the two original schools. It was the first free secondary school in Plymouth.

The Regent Street building was closed on Friday July 13th 1984 when the remaining 4th, 5th and 6th form boys transferred to Stoke Damerel High School for Girls located in the old Stoke Public School building that had helped give birth to the school all those years ago. They were actually housed in an annex across the opposite side of Albert Road, at Stoke, and remained there under the last headmaster, Doctor David McCallan, until Thursday June 26th 1986 when the school closed.

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AD/24/1 - Dated photographs (general)
AD/24/2 - Undated photographs (general)
AD/24/3 - Official staff and class portraits
AD/24/5 - Trips, events and other activities (on loan)

*Series AD/24/4 - Administrative material, non photographic therefore not assigned a gallery.

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