Accessions List - Named Photographers

Administrative note:

Where item detail is given in bold denotes 'substantial' collections viz. those with pieces exceeding 100 and/or have multiple sections.
Where item format is underlined, denotes our 'living archive' collections viz. those created within the past decade which will be preserved for future enquiry.

NB: To access further information about each accession, click on the SWiB Ref. No where highlighted. For collections without a highlighted Ref. No please do contact us to request information or to book an appointment to view.

Accession No Detail Format SWiB Reference No
3 Roy Westlake Collection, 1940s-1990s Photographic RW
23/59 George Forrest Collection, 1900s-1960s Photographic PD/3
28 Derek Hiscock Collection, 1890-2007 Photographic PD/7
30 Mike Tulley Collection, Plymouth, Devon, 1920-1960s Photographic PD/9
35 Mike Yeats Collection, Plymouth, Devon, 2008 Photographic PD/11
43 Michael Dyer Collection, 1990 Photographic PD/18
47 William Gilhen Collection, 1890s-1930s Photographic PD/19
52 Tamar Protection Society Collection (Francis Elliott), 1900s-1970s Photographic TPS
53 Gordon Sparks Collection, 2008-2010 Photographic PD/22
57 Dave Steer Collection, 1900s-2000s Photographic PD/23
58 Keith Lowes Collection, 1970s-1980s Photographic AD/21
61 Simon Gommery Collection, 2000s Photographic SG
70 Paul Thompson Collection, 2000s Photograph PFT
74 Derek Hiscock Collection, 1950s-1960s (accruals) Photograph PD/7/29
81 Devonia Collection (Florence Millar) 1960s-1970s Photograph AD/27
82 Alfred Silas Alger Collection, Plymouth and Plymouth personalities, 1911 Photograph AD/28
97 Photographs, Plymouth and Devon, Ron Garrett Collection, 1960s Photograph AD/34
98 Photographs, named frigates (HMS), Ken Hopkins Collection, nd Photograph AD/35
106 Photographs, Ana Langridge Collection, (UoP), 2009-2010 Photograph AL
107 Photographs, Louis Little Collection (UoP), 2009-2010 Photograph LL
108 Photographs, family views, Richard Skinner Collection, nd Photograph PD/48
109 Photographs, FOTONOW Archive Photograph FTNW
110 Photographs, Arthur Lee Collection, views of Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall, 1900s-1930s Photograph ALEE
111 Photographs, Richard Thurstone Collection, views of Plymouth, 1950s-2010 Photograph PD/49
113/123 Photographs, Views of Plymstock, Oreston and Hooe, 1960s (David Hockings Archive) Photograph DH
116 Photographs, David King Archive, Barbican development, 1960s Photograph PD/51
128 Photographs, Norman Hine Collection, Trevor Howard at Millbay, 1950s Photograph NH

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